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I have been providing this service for a while now, it is time to make it public and official.

Many people like the idea of having their own blog, but really don’t have the time, or perhaps desire to learn, to set it up themselves.

Many want to just jump right in and get down to blogging.

That can be done using the “done for you” (as they say) blogging platform on Empower Network naturally, but of course having a self-hosted blog has its benefits.

Ownership, being a big one.

I have provided many “how-to” videos and step by step posts for setting up a network marketing blog, but I know that it is still too much for some people, and that is perfectly OK.

So, here’s what I am offering:

A done for you system – your own self-hosted blog

Go all in with me, and I got your back. I, and a couple people that help me out, have done, and still do this stuff regularly, to the point where we could whip right through it.

But simply setting up a blog isn’t enough. You have made a significant financial investment, so I want to help you as much as I can.

I will:

1) Have a personal conversation (phone, Skype, or email) with you, if you like, to help you decide on a “theme” and “tag line” for your new site.

2) Configure your hosting and domain.

3) Setup WordPress, with custom config and plugins.

4) Purchase/setup a theme for you (up to $100).

5) Implement your autoresponder into your site.

6) Setup your contact page.

7) Spend an additional hour making whatever changes you would like done to your WordPress site.

I know that 20% of the sales that I make are “passed up” to my sponsor and I am risking time and money for the above work, and I’m comfortable with that.

I want to see you succeed, even if I am not directly compensated when I sponsor you.

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The high ticket commission gettin’ father,

Keith Lock

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