Empower video contest 2013

A new contest has been launched for the Empower Network… a video contest for 2013.

To win, you must be a member, and attend the next event, as expected of course, right? But your trip can be paid for, just for being a nominee. Read on to see what I mean.

First, a note on the events

Empower Network is filling seats at these events, and people are actually sitting on the floor just to be part of it!

And some are bringing their kids along.

The events are taking place in different major cities every few months and are growing in attendance every time.

Nothing is stagnant. More people are joining, which by definition means more people are getting paid.

And, there is still a mass amount of growth potential, which is exciting.

Which seat will you be sitting in for the next event? Sitting on the floor sucks. So you have to get the ticket sooner rather than later.

Dave sent me the email today about the contest launch. There are three categories that will have three nominees per category.

The nine videos will be presented at the next event which is in Denver, Colorado. And the audience will pick the winner from each category.

Categories include: “Best Event Story,” “Best Product Story,” and “Best Success Story.”

All nine nominees get: V.I.P. treatment to the Denver event, including flight and hotel and more.

Contest winners get: $5,000 cash prize and some bling.

Worth playing for? You bet. Anyone can win really.

How? I’m a step by step kind of guy, and that’s really how I have been doing it on this blog, so here are the steps:

EN video contest instructions

1) Join the Empower Network (aff link), or login if you are already a member.

2) Use the products.

3) Shoot a video discussing the products and how they impacted you. Remember, it’s the story that matters most, not the quality of the video. You can of course talk about an EN event that you attended, and a success story, but those won’t apply to new members.

4) Get your video hosting account setup on Empower.

5) Submit the video to your Empower Network blog.

6) Email the post URL with your video to the provided email address. You can find the email address in the contest area after logging in to EN.

Note: Be sure to check out the contest rules first. There are some rules like: the video must be 2-minutes or less and not have any copyrighted music or other material within it. Basic stuff, but read them to make sure you put something together that qualifies.

Product stories have to be submitted by the end of May, and while it only takes two minutes (or less) to create the video, you need to be a member and use the products first.

Watch the sales video to learn more,
Or.. join now.

The high ticket commission gettin’ father,

Keith Lock

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