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There are three main social sites that we want to share our content to. That is Twitter, Google+, and Facebook. I know there are others that may have value, but those are the top dogs.

It’s a good idea, I feel, to give people a simple one-click share/like/+1 option for your content when they are done consuming it.

Here’s how the ones that I use look:

social share buttons

Many social sharing plugins exist, and a lot of them have a plethora of cool features, but, I recommend a light-weight, boiled down social sharing plugin. Why?

It keeps pages load times fast. Plugins that load on pages or posts have the possibility of slowing the load time of a page. If that happens, people may not stick around, and search engines may favor another result page over yours. Ouch!

The social sharing plugin that I recommend, is free, and light-weight, and very very basic. It’s not a fancy side floater with vast sharing options. It’s a 3 button social bar that gets added to the bottom of all posts.

Plus it loads “asynchronously,” which if you are wondering, is a good thing for page load time. But I don’t know what it means beyond that. It’s a little nerdy.

Install light-weight share buttons on your blog

1) Visit the download page (opens in a new window) for the Fat Free WordPress Social Share Buttons Plugin.

2) Click the Download button to download the plugin to your computer.

You may want to right-click the button and click “Save link as…” (or similar wording) and choose the destination where it gets downloaded on your computer so that it is easy to find later.

3) In your WordPress Dashboard click Plugins >> Add New.

4) Click the Upload text link at the top.

5) Click the Choose File button, locate the zip file and double click it.

6) Click the Install Now button.

7) Click the Activate Plugin text link.

Once activated you can go to the bottom of one of your posts to see it in action. There are no settings. It’s just a simple, clean, light-weight way of adding social share buttons (Twitter, Google+, and FB) to the bottom of your blog posts.

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The social sharin’ affiliate father,

Keith Lock

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