The Empower Network core blogging system review

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Item reviewed: The Empower Network Core Blogging System
Date published: 08/07/2013
Price: $25
Blog URL:

Empower Network blogging systemSummary: The Empower Network blogging platform, ENV2, is multi-lingual out of the box. It is easier to use than WordPress. It lets you launch as many blogs as you like under your own domains. Plus, the content can go viral within the EN community.

New Review To Come:

UPDATE: ENV2 is on the horizon. I saw a sneak peek of it. I love WordPress but it’ll be put to shame unfortunately. I look forward to an optimized platform with optimized post types. I like the in depth level of customization that even beginners can master.

You can launch as many blogs as you want (one per niche) with the same $25 account. And each blog can have a custom domain name attached to it.

Content published within EN can go viral within EN, and of course all over the web. You can share content to specific levels (for EN affiliates). It’s also built for non EN affiliates to blog about whatever they want.

This, my friends, is a whole different ball game. Your current skill level is TRULY irrelevant when it comes to blogging when using this platform. Get in early. <-- that's my affiliate link

Note: Don’t listen to those that are saying that the content is now hosted by you, they are sadly mistaken. This is still a hosted platform. So the disadvantages of a “hosted” platform remain but so do the advantages!

Full Review:

The Empower Network core blog platform is built upon WordPress.

If you aren’t new to my blog, you’ll know that I am a big fan of the ol’ WP.

EN is built on the multi-site or network version of WordPress but it is still WordPress which makes it simple simple to use with little learning curve.

Plus, it’s SEO friendly out of the box. It does require a tweak or two (WordPress that is) to make it even better SEO-wise, but even Matt Cutts will tell ya, WordPress is an SEO friendly platform indeed.

Those aren’t his words, those are mine, but he communicated a similar message in one of his presentations.

Being built upon WordPress doesn’t make it an automatic winner though

But anyone can launch a WordPress Network (I demonstrated it here and here) and it’s pretty fast. It doesn’t automatically make a domain 10 out of 10 because it has WordPress on it, now does it?

There are a few things that I look at when I consider a new platform to add my content to.

a) strength of the domain – in regards to traffic, age, etc.

b) ease of use

c) how I can help others

d) what’s in it for me

The Empower Network domain gets lots of traffic. In fact it’s one of the most highly trafficked sites in the world according to that sexy Alexa who provides valuable web information to me.

You’ll hear Empower Network affiliates say that same thing all the time. It’s part of their regular schtick.

“Hey man, the Empower Network blog is badass, it’s among the Alexa’s top sites worldwide and in the the U.S.!”

I’m sure more than one affiliate parroted that statement time again. But with good reason.

Get traffic from (or provide content to) sites with lots of people

Web site owners check the traffic they get from Google all the time. They want to know where they rank, what phrases are getting results, and so on.

Is it because Google makes cool Doodle’s for special occasions?

First day of summer Google Doodle


But it’s more likely because they bring lots and lots and lots of traffic.

It’s because they are the number one site in terms of traffic, according to the aforementioned Alexa.

That’s also why marketers seek traffic from Facebook, from YouTube, from Pinterest, and LinkedIn, and StumbleUpon…

They are among the top spots in Alexa in terms of using up a whole whack of Internet bandwidth.


Empower gets more peeps than Squidoo and people are still paying others money to publish a lens for them.



That’s why we want look to those sites for content publication and traffic.

If we can post content direct to those sites regularly, and with very little “rules” attached like we can with the Empower Network core blogging platform, then awesome.

Can the Empower Network core blogging system bring automatic results? Like Chuck D, I say “don’t believe the hype”

chuck-dI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, mostly because it sounds cool to say it.

It’s not a “blog and they will come” system. Let’s make that clear in this review right now.

Sure, it can pass some authority to your other web properties, and it has a better chance than the majority of other sites on the Web to rank for a piece of content, but it takes more than just posting to the blog.

Backlinks to each post still have to be built.

It isn’t like posting content to Ezine Articles or YouTube where suddenly your content is part of site wide categories, and people are discovering the content in a variety of other ways.

Nope, it’s on you, or member’s of your team to start the promotion engine.

Is the Empower Network blogging system really worth the money?

Is it worth $25 each month? Yes and no.

I prefer my own blog really, which is why you are reading this at

I own the content, and I own the site.

Empower Network really owns your blog that is part of their core blogging platform.

But the same can be said about blogs on, and the like.

It is a “get setup in 5 minutes with very little knowledge system.” That I can say.

You need know nothing about hosting, servers, themes, plugins, domains, name servers, MySQL, FTP, Control Panels, etc.

But again, the same can be said about Blogger and Except those sites aren’t paying ya close to $25 each month for people you refer there.

So yeah, after 2 sales you are profiting slightly, which is cool.

And it’s true. You can make money with the Empower Network (even if not promoting the Empower Network) by just using their blogging platform.

You just have to figure out different ways to drive traffic, and as you might have guessed, at Empower Network there is a course for that (not part of the $25 blogging fee mind you).

To reiterate, with Empower Network you are at an advantage because you are blogging on an authority site (in terms of getting organic traffic from search engines), and you do have a “done for you” system (which means that you can do it without the technical know how).

There’s even a “for beginners” version of the core blogging system on Empower Network (which isn’t part of my review here because I haven’t used it). I don’t use it because I’m so used to the standard WordPress, but it is available.

The disadvantage though is not owning your content… and having to pay. But if you’re a reseller of it, it’s easy to recoup those costs.

If you have any questions leave them in the comments below and I’ll get a reply to you post haste.

And if you are ready to start blogging (5 minutes from now) sign up with my affiliate link here.

Come back when you are ready to absorb some making money, affiliate marketing, getting leads, driving traffic (not necessarily in that order) wisdom.

I’ll keep the light on for ya.

Note: Below is my affiliate link for the Empower Network and I will be rewarded commissions when you join.

Here’s a free video with some blogging techniques if you’re up for it. It’s about an hour long…

Blogger at the core blogging platform for Empower Network,

Keith Lock

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